Juggling Family With Business

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Juggling family with business is really tough for some people. They constantly argue about how much time is being spent at work, or talking about work. The kids and other topics seem to be placed down the list and not given the importance they deserve.

Juggling family with business requires one thing…Boundaries!


Yes, boundaries are necessary. You must set up a division between work and home, while making sure the family understands that your business is part of your life. They shouldn’t be too hard on you about wanting to discuss it. They real key is to understand that your spouse and children are more important than your business. If your business fails, what do you have? Your spouse and kids. And, even if you need to work for someone else in the future, you will still have them on your side. So, always put them first. Juggling family with business is easier than you think, if you learn that simple rule.

You will hear me say things that sound contradictory. Like, “Business is best done while you’re living your life, not outside it”. This is true. Your business is part of your life and you should have fun, while promoting yourself. Like playing golf, fishing, jogging, etc.


Just remember what’s important. Don’t text while you are watching your child’s recital. Get off your laptop if you’re at your son’s football practice. Be in the moment and cherish every one of them, without constantly getting on your email. Vacations are for family, and for yourself. Unplug.

March 4, 2018 |

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