Business Membership Value Proposition

A common question we get is, “Isn’t TopLocal just a directory website?”

Absolutely Not! TopLocal is much more than a directory site. In fact, the directory site is just a small part of what TopLocal is. TopLocal is a grass-roots movement to help locally owned businesses develop a non-competing group of business owners in a particular zip code. It provides each member with a dynamically updated zip-code-specific guide they can download at the touch of a button, and print, with their business on the cover, and their zip code group listed inside. It helps the consumer spot locally owned businesses quickly and support them instead of corporate “big box” stores. It encourages business owners to promote and build their local group, increasing their warm-market reach with each new member inside their group.

As a small business owner, or self-employed professional, you can’t touch the power of “big box” corporate advertising budgets.


Introducing…Top Local

Top Local can give you locally distributed print advertising for pennies on the dollar, and touch warm referral markets no other print advertising can touch.

If we could show you how to cheaply reach 60,000 local consumers per year, would you listen?

It’s Ingenious!

  • A grassroots movement to promote locally-owned small business growth.
  • An advertising co-op only for locally owned small businesses and self-employed professionals.
  • Exclusive business listings, one per category per zip code.
  • A dynamic, local, and growing print advertising distribution team.
  • Exclusive area business guide, featuring your business on the cover, generated on demand.
  • An effective, passive, warm market referral machine.
  • A local networking group of business professionals striving to become more profitable.
  • No competition!

It’s Simple!

  • First, you secure your spot in one category for your zipcode. If your category doesn’t exist, let us know and we may be able to make adjustments.(The cost: $20/month)
  • Next, you order and distribute a minimum of 50 Top Local business color guides to your customers each month. Your guide features your business on the cover, so you’ll want to hand it out to all of your customers. And so will the rest of your zip code group, expanding your warm-market advertising!(The cost: Less than $150/month, depending on your print method)*we recommend
  • Finally, you reap the rewards, growing over time, from the personal distribution of the entire zip code group, reaching thousands of local consumers per month. These will be in the hands of the very people you see in your area. You’ll be cultivating a customer base in your area, which will perpetuate further business for you.(The reward: Priceless)

*EXPERT TIP: Proactively promote your local group to other locally owned business owners, and self-employed professionals, to maximize your print advertising distribution. Each member prints and distributes 50 guides per month to their customers. So, for every new member in your zip code, you’ll increase your guide distribution by 600 per year!

The average group size grows to 100 local business members, each distributing a minimum of 50 guides per month. For a group of 100 local businesses, your advertising reaches 5000 people per month. That’s 60,000 printed guides, distributed in your local area, per year! You would pay over $60,000 for a post card mailer to that many people. With Top Local, you only pay the small monthly membership fee ($20) and the cost of printing half sheet booklets (either with your printer of choice, or our recommended print house,

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