How to Choose the Best WordPress Website Hosting Service

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Choosing the best WordPress web host is easy. It just requires some clear thought process and a few decisions.
The first step is to take an inventory of the steps involved in building a website.

1. Pick a domain name
2. Pick a hosting service
The best WordPress host is the one you’re comfortable with. The good news is that you can switch as you want and can move your website to another host if you need to. The following hosts are two of the most widely used hosts on the market. They aren’t expensive and they’re reliable. So choosing one or the other is just a matter of looking over the deals they offer and picking one. These are shared hosting services. That means that there are many websites hosted on a physical server. When you grow, the service offering can grow too. So, the more of the server you want to yourself, the higher you should upgrade the service and the more it will cost. It’s scalable. As your traffic grows, your membership level will grow.

BlueHost – Look at the BlueHost offer here.
IPage – Look at the Ipage offer here.

What to look for?
Look at price. The cheapest is not the best. Make sure you can live with the price.
Next, look at a host that offers an easy to use interface because you will be spending some time managing your service outside the website. To explain, you will login to your website to write posts, pages, change settings etc. But, you will also login to your hosting service to manage your email, back up your site, manage settings and reach out to the host tech support.
Both IPage and BlueHost have good customer service and features. So you can’t go wrong with either. If I were to pick one over the other, it would be BlueHost over IPage.
Because IPage cancelled their cpanel access and use their own interface. After decades building websites, I prefer cpanel as a hosting management dashboard.

3. Load WordPress – You can reach out to tech support and ask them to help you load WordPress. More on this later.
4. Pick a Theme – This will be a tutorial and I’ll link to it later.
5. Build your Site – This is a process. Picking the right theme with good bones will make your construction easier. More on that later too.

Just focus on getting your hosting service set up, and remember to lean on the tech support people. They will do many things for you if you ask.

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