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TopLocal Free Business Directory is much more than a directory site. In fact, the directory site is just a small part of what it is. TopLocal Free Business Directory is a grass-roots movement to help locally owned businesses develop a non-competing group of business owners in a particular zip code. It provides them with a zip code specific guide they print, with their business on the cover, and their zip code group listed inside. It helps you, the consumer, spot locally owned businesses so you can help support them instead of corporate “big box” stores. TopLocal is a fast, local listing of the top businesses in your area. Each category is exclusive to one local business so you don’t have to wade through reviews and listings. If you have a need, we have an answer that has been found to give exceptional service. Every business is locally owned and operated. When you Bless these owners with your business, you strengthen the local economy.

These are the families your kids go to school with, that service your pool, that teach your kids, that keep your streets safe. These are your neighbors.

We hope you will become more aware of where you do business , and that you will try to fulfill your needs locally, without collectively adding another zero to another corporate giant’s bottom line. When you do business locally, you change lives for the better.

“Helping Each Other Grow Strong”, is our motto.

TopLocal Free Business Directory | The Vision started with the idea that a group of local business owners can compete with “big box” businesses, who spend millions of dollars per year in advertising, by teaming up with other local businesses and working smart.

Why only one business per zip code, per category?
It’s all about speed and simplicity. Our world has become so interconnected and information is obtained by the global community in bulk. People don’t like having to weed through multiple listings of businesses and reading reviews on each one, just to figure out where to take a date for homestyle pizza (for example). They want to ask a question and get an answer. Our guide is geared to serve up the top locally owned choice in any category. The business is responsible to maintain TOP status and good reviews, or they will be replaced in the area.

There is a whole movement to support locally owned businesses starting up, championed by the SBA and Chambers of Commerce. Top Local is a grass roots effort to help.

To help our mission:

  • Use the businesses in this guide.
  • Share this guide with others in the area.
  • Tell every small business owner and self employed person you know, encouraging them to contact us for an exclusive spot in one of our guides.
  • Be happy, knowing you are helping your neighbors and community.


Top Local Free Business Directory
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