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Many people think they can easily promote their business on Facebook. It’s true that it’s just a few steps to get a basic ad produced and online, but there are more steps involved.

Facebook has different ad purposes like lead generation, web traffic, etc.

Lead generation has a Facebook form people fill out when they click your ad. Web Traffic increases your website traffic by pointing to your site when someone clicks.

When creating your ad, you’ll create an image. I do this in PowerPoint because it’s easy.

You’ll need to create it a specific size and there are plenty of ad specifications to keep in mind. Here’s a spec post to tell you more about that.

You’ll want to create several types with different headings and different words, with different pictures. This is because, once you launch your ads, some may not be approved. And, you need to monitor how effective they are. Once you see how successful each ad is, how many leads or clicks and what it’s costing you, you’ll turn off the ones that aren’t productive. But, be careful. You must allow time for the ads to run. The price comes down the longer it runs and things even out after a few weeks. So it’s a good idea to let all ads run for 6 weeks and then make your decisions from the data at that point.

Don’t rush. This is not a sprint…it’s a marathon.

Use the specs I linked to and start creating a handful of ads. Post them, see what’s accepted, set a daily budget and let it run for 6 weeks.

I think you’ll have some frustrations along the way, but stick with it and you’ll have some steady traffic or leads, depending on your purposes.

Happy advertising. 🙂


May 19, 2018 |

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