Use Common Sense When Describing Your Business in Advertising

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Most people think they need to prepare crafty descriptions for their business, especially when preparing a script for radio or television ads. I will describe why this is not needed, a waste of time, and could even hurt how effective your ad could be.
These days people are very picky about advertising. I’m the first to make fun of ads I hear in the radio. Some of them really leave me rolling my eyes because the business owner tried so hard and that showed. But what also showed is that they are obviously stuck in the past with old tactics that don’t work anymore.
Using terms like, “folks”, “fast friendly service”, “quality materials”, “attention to detail”, “quality workmanship”, and “chuck in a truck” to describe your competitors should be used with caution or not at all.
Yes, using terms that you might use in a flyer or business description are taboo in radio advertising in particular. The reason radio is so touchy is that your audience can only base their opinions of your business upon what they hear. If your voice is annoying at all, you should hire a professional. And a marketing or sales expert should edit your script or come up with an original one from scratch.
People are wise to anything that sounds too good or blows away every competitor out there. Sure you’re proud of your business. But, even if you do blow away your competitors, you shouldn’t come right out and say that.
Instead, try being a bit humble and speak from the heart. Tell the story and endear people to you based on your heart. Consumers will put up with all kinds of bad service if they believe in your mission and how it affects you and your family. So promise good honest service and competitive prices, but let them know what you are trying to build and why. If you are building your company to hand off to your kids one day, then talk about that. If you are wanting to build your business to the point where you can support some other mission or charity, then talk about that. Give people something real to grasp.
I’m building to benefit small business owners with my knowledge and experience. Lord knows I’ve been through the wringer and made plenty of mistakes. Perhaps I can help others with that knowledge and ways to circumvent problems that I had.
I’m also building for retirement and to provide a good job for my son, nephew, and friends who are all great talent but who have all struggled for many years.
I’m building a platform where business owners can come together and have some fun promoting each other effortlessly.
That’s why I’m doing this. So why are you doing what you do?

March 7, 2018 |

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