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If you want to get referrals from clients, you must realize that they love you best while you’re helping them, not after.

Too many salespeople make the mistake of beating around the bush when asking for referrals. They do a great job for their clients, and then when everything is all over, they ask for referrals or worse; they say something so weak it should be likened to a limp noodle. They say, “if you run across anyone I could help will you please tell them about me”? Gee whiz…that will never work.

So, how do you get referrals from clients?  I’ll tell you.

  1. Tell them what you’re going to do
  2. Do it
  3. Tell them what you did, and ask for referrals

That’s it!

Let me elaborate…

Tell them What you’re going to do

When you begin a sales process, you want to clearly set the stage for the relationship because you’re in total control of it. That’s right. Don’t believe anyone saying, “the customer is always right”. That has a different meaning. You dictate the sales relationship and keep control of the conversation. You’re taking them on a journey. YOU! Not them. So, as part of this stage, you need to tell them how it’s going to go. Tell them what to expect, what you’re going to do, and tell them that when it’s all over you will be asking them to share their experience with some of their closest friends and family, but only after you’ve earned it. Actually say it. Tell them exactly what you expect and what you are going to be doing to deserve it. Tell them you operate on referrals and that it’s important that you have your next 3 appointments set from each client you help because you spend all of your time giving world-class service instead of trying to drum up more business.

Do it

Now comes the hard part. Do what you said you would do. I mean every detail of what you promised, you must now perform. I don’t care what you promised, you must now give it to the client. That means you need to be careful about what you promise. If you say it, you do it. No excuses and no second chances. Own up to your word. Stand behind what you say. Got it?  Good!

Tell them what you did, and ask for referrals

Now comes the moment of truth. It’s as they say, “the rubber meats the road”. Just as a story has a conclusion that matches your introduction, you must now recap your initial conversation. Before you actually deliver the good news about your sale, the closing, whatever, explain what you did. Now is the time to pat yourself on the back and explain the process you went through to give them exceptional service. Tell them how you saved them money. Tell them how you got exceptions or overrides from your boss, whatever you did….tell them! And, to get referrals from clients, remind them that, when this all began, you discussed that you work by referral and give your client all of your attention. Now, you place a piece of paper in front of them with a pen, ask them to tell you who your next 3 clients will be, and go back to preparing your policy papers, title papers, or whatever you need to do. Don’t give anyone the chance to back out of helping you. Remember you deserve their help, just as they were lucky enough to get the best you have to offer. If you work hard for people, you deserve to ask for their help in keeping you going. Helping others.


It’s really that simple. It can be difficult…but it’s simple.


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