Promoting Your Business on Facebook

Promoting Your Business on Facebook


Many people think they can easily promote their business on Facebook. It’s true that it’s just a few steps to get a basic ad produced and online, but there are more steps involved.

Facebook has different ad purposes like lead generation, web traffic, etc.

Lead generation has a Facebook form people fill out when they click your ad. Web Traffic increases your website traffic by pointing to your site when someone clicks.

When creating your ad, you’ll create an image. I do this in PowerPoint because it’s easy.

You’ll need to create it a specific size and there are plenty of ad specifications to keep in mind. Here’s a spec post to tell you more about that.

You’ll want to create several types with different headings and different words, with different pictures. This is because, once you launch your ads, some may not be approved. And, you need to monitor how effective they are. Once you see how successful each ad is, how many leads or clicks and what it’s costing you, you’ll turn off the ones that aren’t productive. But, be careful. You must allow time for the ads to run. The price comes down the longer it runs and things even out after a few weeks. So it’s a good idea to let all ads run for 6 weeks and then make your decisions from the data at that point.

Don’t rush. This is not a sprint…it’s a marathon.

Use the specs I linked to and start creating a handful of ads. Post them, see what’s accepted, set a daily budget and let it run for 6 weeks.

I think you’ll have some frustrations along the way, but stick with it and you’ll have some steady traffic or leads, depending on your purposes.

Happy advertising. 🙂


May 19, 2018 |

How to Resolve Workplace Conflict


Resolving workplace conflict may seem a daunting task. But it’s really not.

Everyone having a conflict will have a higher emotional response, so it’s important to stay calm and create a safe place for them to discuss their grievance.

To resolve workplace conflict, meet with each person involved by themselves first. Let them talk it out and explain the problem without offering any advice or making any judgments. It may be hard but let them talk and get it all out.

When you feel each person is done getting it all out, ask if they would be ok getting together with the other party, with  you there to moderate.

When you get both parties together, set the stage quickly. Let them know this is not a place to argue. And get them both to agree that you are in control of the meeting and that you can stop it at any time.

Once you establish that you are in control, let them know that you are giving each person a chance to explain their side of the situation and that nobody in the room is to interrupt, no matter how much they may want to, or how much they may want to interject. If anyone interrupts, the meeting is over. Make sure they understand.

Then it will be hard, but keep that control and let each person repeat what they told you.

Then once you finish letting each person air their grievances, ask for some silence for everyone to think about what they just heard.

Offer each person a chance to respond to the other, again with no interruptions.

And remind them of the ground rules. No name calling, or profanity. They must stay civil and stick to the matter at hand.

Then you may want to help each person understand the position of the other.

If, in the end, no common ground or understanding can be found, then you will need to make a decision on what to do. If either person is acting belligerent, it may be time to let that person go. But, in most cases, it’s simply an emotional misunderstanding and may just take time. Suggest that each person not speak to the other except if necessary and then it must remain civil. Time may heal it.

Either way, this process will allow each person to get their feelings out in the open and will hopefully show them how the other feels. This may not be easy but it may end up bringing your staff closer together.

We are all different and we all have different lives. It’s healthy to understand different points of view even if you don’t agree with them.

May 18, 2018 |

Praise vs Reprimand: How to Treat Employees


So how are you supposed to treat employees? Many people feel that keeping your employees down will keep them from asking for raises, or seeking other employment. But this cannot be farther from the truth. Praising your employees helps their morale it helps their demeanor and it helps them feel better about coming to work.
I’ve been on both sides of this topic. As an employer I always lean towards praising employees and sometimes too much. I have experienced employees leaving because I pumped up there or ego so much that they overvalued themselves and thought they could make more elsewhere. However, I find that their morale is much higher in their production is much higher. I would rather train and give opportunities to people who have a high morale and a high productivity and then just be happy with who sticks. Otherwise, you’re left with the staff who feels bad about themselves, unsure about their job, does not like coming to work, feels undervalued and under appreciated, and will probably leave because of a low self-esteem.
The old methods of kiss kick kiss work but they must be done properly. For instance, when you meet with an employee praise the job that they’re doing offer some constructive criticism and then give them another pat on the back to help them look forward to the next promotion or some other award. Always leave employees striving to do better but not because they don’t feel they can please you. It’s the same with kids. If your kids never feel that they can please you, they do strive to please you but they are never really happy and they do not feel fulfilled in the relationship.So next time you’re wondering should I praise someone who did a good job? The answer is. Yes. Praise when you need to, reprimand when you need to, and edify when it’s warranted. Treating people the way that you would want to be treated is always the best advice.

May 17, 2018 |

The number 1 tip for top search engine ranking


Top search engine ranking is to post often. Many people think that to rank on the search engines you need to pay for a service hire someone or use Google paper click. But that can’t be farther from the truth. The best way to break in Google Bing Yahoo or other search engine is to post unique content daily and, if possible, add a video.
Posting often gives your website fresh content that Google can index and lets the search engines know that you are an active website and something that they can reference to people who search things on the Internet.
The services that you might hire cannot achieve this for you you have to achieve it for yourself so searching the Internet will come up with more and more of your listings instead of someone else’s. You don’t have to spend a lot of time writing your article, you just need to write it. Writing often is easy. To write a post often you just need to think up a story and tell it by writing it down.
There is a science to it and something that you can optimize your articles with. To optimize your articles you just need to go to the Google ad words keyword tool and just start brainstorming. Type in anything you’re thinking about riding and see how popular that term is for that phrase is. Also, if you use word press, you can use the plug-in called Joe’s and optimize your article for your specific keywords or phrases. But the main thing is to post often and post daily.

May 16, 2018 |
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